There are many methods to successfully market your business, but one of the most important ways is to have business cards that generate buzz and leads. A well design business card is your first introduction to a potential new client.  Weak cards – those obtained mostly through the Internet – reflect a flimsy business.

Business cards are a cost-effective way to increase your business, but there are several important factors to remember when designing a card.  To impress a potential client, your card must appear professional and be of quality design and production.

The more interesting and compelling your business card, the more likely a prospective client is to remember you and your business. Business cards that are powerful branding tools must include the company’s name and logo, and be creative or useful enough for the recipient to keep around. The longer a person looks at the business card or has it on hand, the higher the brand exposure.

Like the creativity factor, a well-branded card makes it more likely for the recipient to remember your company in particular, and either to pursue a business partnership immediately or recall the name when the opportunity arises.

To accomplish these goals, you should consider thinking outside the box with your business card.  You can experiment with different kinds of card stock, different sizes, different fonts, and even the inclusion of unique features such as small calendars or notepads, to increase the possibility that the recipient will keep the business card around for their own use.

Before you reach the production phase, you should carefully consider design. A card must be both functional and appealing to the eye.  They can be embossed, engraved, foiled, double thick, etc. Card content should include contact information, a business tag line and a color scheme that is easy to read and remember.

Entrepreneurs interested in designing, or updating, their business cards should contact us, a professional graphics and printing company, for help.

Business cards are the most valuable tool for lead generation and customer acquisition.

Business cards are like mini-billboards.