Source: Market Watch

Over 66 percent of U.S. nonprofit organizations need pro bono services more than any other volunteer service, according to a national Pro Bono Readiness Survey released today by a collaborative convened by Capital One Financial Corporation and including Common Impact, Points of Light and the Taproot Foundation. The survey was designed to help identify core challenges and solutions related to pro bono services and skills-based volunteering.

Despite the nonprofit community’s need for pro bono services, the survey also showed that making good use of volunteer services can be challenging. Approximately 73 percent of survey respondents said they would be more likely to seek pro bono support if they could identify specific projects and better understand how volunteer time can be used to improve their infrastructures. For example, nearly half of the nonprofits (48 percent) were not aware that external resources are available to assess capacity building and infrastructure issues — a key step in preparing for an effective pro bono project. Read full story…