Source:  Huffington Post by Lisa M. Dietlin

For this year’s graduates it’s a time of celebration and, for many, concern. A tough economy is only part of it. What to do next? Where to go? What type of life to embark on?

I’d like to suggest they look outside the usual paths and consider a career in the nonprofit sector.  Think about it.  Growing up we’re told we can be doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, even president of the United States.  But it’s rare to hear about the wonderful careers in the philanthropic (nonprofit) world.  It’s just not on the radar when we consider our choices.  And it is not something that career counselors even discuss, let alone raise as a possibility.

This is not a surprise. Just this spring Indiana University awarded five graduates the first-ever bachelor’s degree in philanthropic studies. Yes, the first.

Maybe that’s why most people don’t know the breadth and depth of the nonprofit sector.  With an estimated 1.5 million charities in the U.S. alone (not counting churches and houses of worship or nonprofits with an annual budget under $25,000), there are countless job opportunities. And they exist across a wide spectrum of interests and issues. Working in a nonprofit often means you can have a job and fulfill your passion.

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