Many people don’t realize how big the difference is between commercial printing and printing for normal people. They’ll usually just walk down to the local copy center and assume they’ll do just as good a job as anyone. That’s not the case though. The difference is huge, and so is the cost of in-house versus commercial printing. That’s why professional jobs should be produced by professionals. That’s also why there’s a rising commercial printing growth rate. Here’s why:

First, professional jobs require a good deal of typesetting and document creation. You also need the results of your hard work to be exact. That last thing you need is for the marketing materials you created to make your company look incompetent or messy. You want them to help your company.

At some point in the future you’ll probably have some pretty tough deadlines, even if you’ve left yourself several weeks to complete the print job. So make sure you find a company that can properly handle last-minute changes and rush jobs.

Your professional print jobs should be utilizing the highest quality paper and ink out there. However, you’ll only find them with professional printing companies. Your local copy center could probably order the paper for you, but they won’t have the right ink. They also won’t have any relationships established with vendors and commercial printing equipment suppliers in order to get you the best prices. So stick with a company that has experience.

Any company that is well-established in the industry should have employees who also realize that part of their job is customer service. They need to not only provide high-quality products, but also make your experience as easy as possible throughout the entire printing process.

As you can probably tell, finding the right printing service may not be as easy as you though. It’s not like driving by and seeing a copy center that can print you off some flyers for your local garage sale. So make sure you look for a company that can work with you to create quality, professional printed products using the methods you require. Use a commercial printing dealer directory or commercial printing dealer locator if you have to. There are plenty out there. Also make sure they already have established relationships with vendors so that you can get the best prices around.

Check around, but before you decide on a commercial printer and graphic designer, contact us.