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By John Foley
Are you feeling left out of the cyberspace advertising and marketing hype? Are you confused on which path to take to reach critical mass and packed dining rooms? Does the daily update of new media outlets seem less than social while adding to your daily discombobulation?

You’re not alone. Join the crowded group of restaurateur, retailers and other business folk who have little idea on how to effectively reach customers and broaden their customer base.

But there is still hope in the world of advertising. Social Media is not the only answer.

There are other methods to market and advertise that may not be the hottest new-media sensations. But they will increase volume amd build customer loyalty. That’s what really matters, isn’t it?

When Ted Turner claimed successful business people lived by the rule “Early to bed, early to rise, don’t forget to advertise,” “media” was defined as print, broadcast, and radio.

Today that has drastically changed. Advertising and marketing is far more difficult. And don’t be fooled — tactics that seem “easy” — just type a few characters and hit the send button — are a lot more complicated than they seem to be on the surface.

The current  key to successful marketing is focusing on a niche and building a base — a select group of customers — and enticing them to become loyal, regular customers. Marketing and advertising special perks to a special group will assist in building a foundation for a positive cash flow.

I recently received a plastic postcard in the mail from a local gas station convenience store. The postcard mailer had my wife’s name stamped on the front, a perforated gift card in the upper right hand corner and a value of $80.00 printed across the top.  The piece caught my eye more than most promotional mailers that I rapidly toss.

Since the card was personalized and boasted a set value, I read the fine print.  It was identical to any other credit or gift card, except this plastic coupon had an immediate purpose.

Just last week I was in Toast in Novato, Calif. I frequent the restaurant regularly, and after a discussion with my waiter about how great the service was he returned with a plastic card, complete with Toast’s logo, address, and a single line that read:  ‘This card entitles bearer to a 10 percent discount.’

I asked the waiter if Toast uses Groupon.

“No,” he replied. “We do things the old-fashioned way — with a new twist.”

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