Paper isn’t getting any cheaper so getting the most for your dollar is always important.   We want to share four simple steps you can take to save money on your next print project(s).

1. Get more than one bid then come to us. The reasons are obvious here. By getting multiple quotes you can make sure you are getting the most for your money and avoid getting price gouged by just printing with the “usual vendor.” We suggest getting at least two or three quotes on any potential print project before coming to us at Print Media Collective for our quote.

2. Print multiple projects at the same time.  If you are doing a series of mailers throughout the year and/or have several versions of a flyer (e.g. different locations), ask us about costs for running everything at the same time. By doing this you will avoid multiple set-up charges and lower your per-piece cost dramatically in some cases.

3. Make sure your custom design is not adding to your costs. We are very good at custom designing your material, but if your budget is limited, we can suggest numerous ways in saving you money and still have your printed material looking “first class.”

4. Comparing us to an online printer.  We are for printing locally to do your job correctly and for you to maintain more control. Although online printers may appear to save you a lot of money, you must consider shipping costs, turn-around time and quality.

Contact us for a free printing audit and to check out our prices http://www.printmediacollective.com/ .