Source:  Mashable by Ronald Brown

Last year, reports said creativity was on the decline in the U.S. However, reports this year indicate that creativity is more important than ever to business success. IBM weighed in with a massive study, interviewing over 1,500 CEOs around the world. Those CEOs collectively agree that employee creativity is the most important talent for the 21st century.

Although it seems to be on the decline, creative capacity is more important than ever. Many large companies deem creativity a major competitive advantage.

So, where do you start? What will be your strategy to bolster not only your own creativity, but also that of your business?

First, you’ll need creative employees — then, an environment that fosters and promotes that creativity. Let’s divide these categories further.

Employee Creativity

  1. Hire for innate creativity
  2. Assess current employees for creativity
  3. Train for creative thinking skills

Personal Relationships

  1. Teach marketing principles
  2. Allow for reflection time
  3. Encourage play
  4. Mix a cross section of employees
  5. Visit customers
  6. Encourage industry networking

Management Involvement

  1. Define a powerful vision

Physical Surroundings

  1. Create big open spaces
  2. Create friendly spaces

The goal is to meet everyone’s needs the best way possible. Bottom line, you want employees to feel good being at work.

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